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Opnt Forms

Opnt Forms

We have created forms for the application generator for the Olsztyn Science and Technology Park. We have prepared plugins that allow you to create applications and save them to the database. If the application requires corrections, it is possible to unlock the application and give the person who submitted it the opportunity to correct it.

The forms are intended to improve the work of officials who assist the applicant in submitting applications.

PHP 5.4 i TYPO3 6.2.15

The big problem that required a flexible solution was that the site is based on the old TYPO3 system version 6.2.15. The server hosting the site prevented the installation of PHP 7.0.
That's why we've created a separate instance on our server with PHP 7.0 and the necessary components to generate PDF and XLS. We have created a link between the module on the client's server and ours and thanks to this solution the client could save on urgent system updates thanks to which he can now deliberately decide to update the server and website.

Work with the office

Thanks to experience with an institutional client, our cooperation went smoothly and quickly. There were no congestion and problems were solved on a regular basis.

Olsztyn Science and Technology Park