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Sales of services

Sales of services

The system prepared for the company KAMILA DÄ„BROWSKA MAKEUP BEAUTY consists of an internet service presenting the services offered by the cabinets and the blog, galleries. In addition, we have implemented Club Club beauty cards along with the entire scoring system, discounts and the online + payment system registration system.

Beauty Club

The site has a customer registration system, the customer who receives the BC card can connect it with his account on the website and thanks to that, manage his services and more.

SMS notifications

In order to reduce the costs caused by sending SMS messages, we have implemented a proprietary system for sending messages which has reset the costs of SMS messages.

The development of the industry

Beauty salon services can be developed with modern technology. Thanks to cooperation with our client, we have the opportunity to implement modern technologies in beauty salons.
One of the additional functionalities of the site was a combination of taps in the offices with the website - thanks to this the client can inform his clients about the new features in the office using his website.

Internet service
Constant development