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System Cloud

System Cloud

The site has been prepared in such a way that users can maximize their efficiency in managing devices connected to the Cloud system. The entire system is based on many systems and services has its API has numerous subsystems. The main page is based on the TYPO3 cms system and most of the services are supported by this system.

The advantages of the system

The system has been prepared so that it is super-flexible and that's how it is, thanks to the use of TYPO3 benefits we have obtained a very efficient service, in which the implementation of new functionalities is simple and customer-friendly.


The aim of the Cloud escomonitor is to be able to manage different types of devices in one place. As of today, we have not defined the limitations of the system because we are constantly adding new functionalities and we do not encounter any problems.

Development product

Initially, the assumptions were blurred by adding new functionalities. Working with our client allows us to continuously develop the website and systems that it manages. Therefore, the system is constantly developed and we do not define its final shape because there is no need.

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