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Product catalog

Product catalog

The elitech.com.pl website is intended for wholesalers and potential customers of the brand. While creating the website, we wanted the user to quickly find the necessary information, such as the product description and its technical data.

Our challenge

Prepare a product catalog so that every user can quickly find the information they are looking for. We minimized the number of elements on the website to reduce distraction and concentrate perception on the most important elements (products).

Simple edition

The site has a combined backend with frontends, which is why employees on the client's side could very quickly edit and supplement the site.

Analysis and implementation

Before preparing the project, we analyzed the needs and focused on the speed of action (the site has no dynamic elements).

The customer uses the TYPO3 system in their other websites, so it was not necessary to train employees. In addition, the implemented website in other systems, for example: Odoo would not be flexible enough during the editing process.

The site is served by our servers and bases its cache on the NGINX server, therefore the page loading speed does not differ from the sandards.

The site is adapted to support mobile browsers. However, adaptation to computer browsers was a priority due to the number of customers with mobile support.

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