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Android & Bluetooth

Android & Bluetooth

We have created an application for handling devices and connected to the Cloud system. The application allows you to connect to Bluetooth LE devices and perform configuration and download data from the device.


The application has been created to be supported by the most popular Android systems. The android system can behave differently depending on the system version. The implementation of an application that can use the new Android system, but also be handled by older phone models requires experience and knowledge acquired over several years of work.


Communication with the Cloud system must be secure but also not burden the system. Communication between the application and is doubly secured, however it does not burden the Cloud system.

Simplicity and functionality

While creating the application, we wanted the simplicity of use but also that the application had all the functionalities desired by the client. Thanks to the usage of users' habits, we have managed to prepare an application that is easy to use but also has many unheard-of functionalities.

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