Our projects

Selected projects

Ticket selling system

21: Bizbilet

System for selling tickets online for events created by our company.

The great challenge. Graphic design and website design

19: Big challenge

Graphic design and website design for the first "Great Energy Challenge" research program of this type prepared for the National Center for Research and Development.

Opnt Forms

17: Opnt Forms

Preparation of forms in TYPO3 to generate applications for the Olsztyn Science and Technology Park.

Android application

8: DR203 - application

An android app for the Esco DR203 device. Bluetooth, GPS connect to the escomonitor.com cloud system

Android & Bluetooth

7: The escolog.com app

Application for the andoird system to operate escolog.com devices. Supports GPS, Bluetooth and Qrcode

Online shop

6: Termoplus.pl

A modern online store with an implemented editing system on the frontend side.

Sales of services

5: Kamidabrowska.pl

Cosmetics cabinet website with an extensive service registration system. Employee panel + blog, gallery.

Product presentation

4: Escolog.com

A page showing the operation of the escolog.com device and related services. The appearance of the RWD page.

Landing page

3: Esco.eu.com

A site that provides quick insight into the products and services that the company offers. Simple and friendly mobile browser.

System Cloud

2: Escomonitor.com

Escomonitor is an infrastructure that supports devices connected to the Cloud system.

Product catalog

1: Elitech.com.pl

Product catalog based on the TYPO3 CMS system with a simple way to edit products / catalogs.