Mobile applications

We design and implement solutions for mobile applications for Android. Experience allows us to use built-in sensors in devices and communication methods such as NFC or Bluetooth. We build applications using the latest solutions but we can also prepare an application that will be launched on older smartphone models.

Experience gained in creating applications that connect to external devices or cloud systems allows us to have a broader look at mobile applications. By creating the application, we know what limitations can occur when implementing the particular Android system technologies. When designing the application, we are able to clearly indicate to the client what will work and at what moment may there be technological limitations or artificial restrictions, e.g. the Google Play store.

We offer designing the application and its implementation to the Google Play store. We provide technical support, we offer a service that can relieve the customer by taking over communication with end users who use the application.

Thanks to the fact that our company offers services of creating information systems and cloud systems, we can offer comprehensive solutions combining mobile applications with other systems such as internet service, computer software or IoT devices.


Product catalog


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