Internet shops

We create stores based on the TYPO3 or Odoo system. For advanced solutions requiring unique solutions, we suggest implementation using the TYPO3 system. For shops that require standard solutions, we recommend Odoo based solutions.

We have our software based on the TYPO3 system for creating an online store. We use the benefits of the CMS TYPO3 system thanks to which the online store can also be an internet portal, it can offer API services, intranet services for order management on the client's network. The online store allows you to implement various online payments - it supports the PayU system and the Tpay system as standard.

We are flexible and enable the expansion of our solution and combining it with other systems, eg warehouse programs or production management programs.

For customers interested in the quick and easy implementation of a store connected to a warehouse system, we offer the implementation of the Odoo system together with an online store. The Odoo system is less flexible than the TYPO3 system, therefore it is recommended for simple online stores.

The implementation of the store based on the Odoo system can be combined with the implementation of the entire Odoo system (including the warehouse, accounting service, etc.), but it can also be only a clean implementation of the online store.


Online shop


A modern online store with an implemented editing system on the frontend side.