Creating websites

We build websites based on CMS TYPO3 and Odoo. We use Angular or React to create small and light projects. We create websites based on the Speed ​​first, Mobile first principle, so that our products have the lowest bounce rate due to the technology used.

Screen TYPO3 cms admin mode

We create websites based on the TYPO3 CMS system from the beginning of the company's activity. Thanks to the flexibility and modern solutions, but also the classic principle of the TYPO3 operation, our clients' websites are simple and user-friendly frontend. By creating unique solutions for clients, we try to make the editing of the content of the website as natural as possible and does not require unnecessary actions to destroy efficiency.

We train employees serving the content of the website in a systematic manner and we try to adapt the CMS panel in such a way that efficiency does not obscure the flexibility. We try to look into the future and design pages so that the technological change can be transferred as much as possible to new solutions without unnecessary work on the client's side.

Editing the page

Maximizing efficiency

Maximizing efficiency

The rules are to obey them and break them where it is safe. Granting Frontend backends is a good rule because the combination of both solutions is difficult and not everyone can do it well. We are able to do it safely for the customer and without losses in the speed of page loading by the customer. Effectiveness in page editing when the client has the option of editing content from the frontend page increases over 50% compared to working only on the backend. Thanks to many years of experience, we know what can translate into efficiency without the costs of lowering safety.

We accept customers who have their websites based not only on the TYPO3 or odoo system but also based on other CMS systems or proprietary solutions. We prefer working on the basis of TYPO3 or Odoo, but we also suggest running websites based on other technologies - we do not just close our world.

Thanks to the fact that our company is able to work in many technologies, we can combine our websites with other solutions. Our websites can replace many dispersed solutions and combine functionalities in one place. Thanks to modern technology, the websites can have many functionalities that were reserved for large complex server software some time ago.

We can create pages so that they can control external devices to connect with other Cloud systems. Sometimes, for example, monitoring systems, tablets or devices connected in IoT, one well-prepared website in TYPO3 is supported by a well-configured server or Cloud network.


System Cloud


Escomonitor is an infrastructure that supports devices connected to the Cloud system.

Product catalog


Product catalog based on the TYPO3 CMS system with a simple way to edit products / catalogs.