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We've added a new language for esco.eu.com

The site has received a new language version: French.

When designing the site, we assumed that the site would have more than one language. Therefore, adding new language in TYPO3 was quick and easy. CMS TYPO3 allows you to add languages in a simple way, all you have to do is use its mechanisms to force two languages on the page.

An additional element on the site is the subpage: https://esco.eu.com/products/. This is a preparation subpage based on Angular. We've created an additional language using the xi18n module, but we think language support in TYPO3 is a lot easier. This is understandable because TYPO3 is a CMS system and angular is just a framework.

The new language version can be viewed at: https://esco.eu.com/fr/