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Application forms for the Olsztyn Science and Technology Park

We have made two forms generating applications to PDF files. Project based on TYPO3 version 6.2.15.

We have made two forms generating application entries. The forms are administered by TYPO3 users, the software was made based on TYPO3, however, due to the TYPO3 version on which the page exists (6.2), we had to support generating applications to PDF and generate reports to excel (xls) to move to the cloud.

We managed to build a separate TYPO3 instance version 6.2 but supported by PHP 7.0 and in this way we were able to generate files and send them back to the opnt server. There was no change in the TYPO3 source code modification on the instance but in the end the goal was achieved - the forms work and generate pdf and xls files, emails reach employees of offices and applicants.